Kenny Rodriguez


Kenny Rodriguez is the premier photographer of the NYC night life.  With a singular eye, almost entirely utilizing available light, Kenny's portfolio tells a visual history of post millennial NYC.  What began as a modest project of documenting artists he respects and parties that lacked a consistent visual voice quickly became a full time occupation.  His impressive portfolio boasts exclusive collections of acts ranging from KRS-One and Jay-Z to Beirut and Metallica.  His long running DJ Project extends Kenny's work out of the clubs and into the homes for biographical studies of his subjects' normal lives.  His photos have been featured in GQ, The Wall Street Journal, Time Out, and Crush Magazine and several features in Europe, Japan and South America.

In 2014 Rodriguez was hired on to document Bud Light's "WhatevertownUSA" program which turned the small town of Crested Butte, Colorado into a massive party.  Kenny's abilities to capture the wild atmosphere while maintaining the standard of quality and engagement he has with his subjects led him to work with Nike, The Lexington Clothing Company, L'oréal, GM, Chevrolet and Cadillac.  Kenny's automotive studies are as riveting as his human ones.  His ability to provide detailed and compelling studies of Cadillac's new models extends his portfolio of portraiture.  He gives the vehicles a voice, treating them with the attention and respect he does his human subjects.  

With his free hand Rodriguez maintains a sleepless schedule raising his children Antoinette and Marlo with his wife Zoe in Washington Heights.  The family photo album, like Rodriguez, is remarkable.